Travel Refunds

Well, yesterday was a good day for us in terms of travel!

I use the free Tripit app and I love it. I am able to enter all our trip info into it and have all our confirmation numbers in one spot. I used to print out all of the confirmations to take with us, but now I am comfortable just having them stored in the app on my phone. I have it synched with my e-mail so if an e-mail comes through with travel info in it, it automatically enters into the app. It really helps to keep all our travel information organized.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Tripit saying that the fare for our June flight to Hawaii has dropped in price so we may be eligible for a refund. I never think to check flights for price changes, I did get really good at checking the price for our last cruise we went on. I ended up getting us each several hundred dollars in onboard credit from price drops! So I checked on and found that the price was lower.  Justin called Alaska and told them about the price difference and they credited us the difference. $49 each person, so $245 total. The really great thing about this is…we didn’t pay for our own flights.  Justin does some work for his mom’s business and the business is paying for us to come out for him to do some work.  We couldn’t credit back the card used for the purchase, the refund only came in the form of a credit for use on a future trip. In this instance that rule definitely worked to our advantage!

We used similar credit for our trip to Disneyland last year. We booked a night flight to Florida for our cruise last year and they ended up canceling the flight and rescheduling us. Justin called and semi-complained and they gave each of us $200 in credit for a future flight. Which was enough for us to fly to Disneyland for free!

The unfortunate thing is earlier in the day yesterday I had booked our Seattle to Boston portion of our flights to Europe, and we paid full price out of pocket for them. If I had waited then I could have used the credit. But that’s okay. I’m sure we’ll have another vacation planned soon enough to use those credits. Maybe a trip for just me and Justin?


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