Past Vacation – New York part 3

See part 1 here and part 2 here.

Day 5: We started our day out at The Museum of Natural History. It was as awesome as we’d imagine it. We didn’t see everything but I feel like we were able to see all the highlights. A person could spend days there!



Afterwards we grabbed a late lunch from Shake Shack (again, so good) and walked over to Central Park. Now I had big plans in mind for the afternoon. We were going to rent bikes and explore Central Park. Unfortunately the bike place we had mapped was closed for the season. I know there are other bike rentals around, but Central Park is big and we were tired. So we decided just to do the ice skating we had planned. In doing my research I had found that one rink at Central Park was cheaper than the other, so we headed to that one. Which was also closed. Not sure why. So that was a bummer also. So to make the best of some unfortunate luck we spent some time exploring, we walked some of the paths and went to Belvedere Castle.


Then we let Cohen drive one of the sailboats, which he loved!


We headed back to Times Square and had dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner. This was on my list of things to do, it came highly recommended in my reading about New York City with kids, the waitstaff takes turns singing. Dinner plus entertainment. But we were tired and actually not all the hungry. This was a time we should have deferred from our plan and just gone back to the room, but we didn’t and it turned out to just be an “okay” experience for us all.


Day 6: We got up bright and early because Taylor Swift was on Good Morning America and their studio is right in Times Square. We are all big Taylor Swift fans in this family! It was fun to see how they produce a tv show like that. And Cohen even made it on tv!


Then we headed back to the Central Park area. We went to the famous FAO Schwarz and Justin checked out the underground Apple store! Then we went into the park and Justin and Cohen did some ice skating at the more expensive place! It was a better rink anyway, and we got better pictures!


When we started planning this vacation we had several Broadway shows on our list. That was before we researched the cost of Broadway shows! So we had settled on just doing Stomp and we were trying our hardest to be content with our decision! We checked the TKTS booth but none of the shows we were interested in ever dropped into our price range! Justin was chatting with his dad on the phone and he told us to pick a show and he’d treat us. So we selected Lion King and had a great night on Broadway! Thanks Grandpa Bill if you happen to read this!


Day 7: This was our last day in New York. Our flight left around 5 that evening so we had until late afternoon to finish our exploring. We conquered the last thing on our to do list, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had been reading The  Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler with Cohen to hopefully get him excited about this museum. As it turns out that wasn’t necessary! This boy has an amazing art teacher and Cohen was so excited to find art by Monet, Picasso, and Rodin, all artists he was familiar with! This makes me so excited to take him to Europe!


Plus they have some pretty awesome armor exhibits and Egyptian art!


After we left the museum we gave Cohen some time at a pretty cool playground. It was nice to find places for him to just play and be a kid even in a big city like that. This boy is used to being able to play outside and cities aren’t always the best places for that! Then we went back to our motel/hostel and collected our bags (they charged us a fee to hold them for us. Boo to them.) and did another thing on the top of Cohen’s list. Ride in a taxi! He even flagged it down (hailed it?).


We almost got run over by a bus, but I guess that’s all part of the New York taxi experience! We only rode it 4 blocks to the train station, but it was a must do on Cohen’s list! Then we rode the train to the airport to catch our plane. We had a great time on this trip. It is always so nice to have the one on one time with each boy, their personality really comes alive and our kids all thrive on these trips. I’m hoping Cohen is able to remember some of these experiences when he gets older, I feel like we were able to do some really cool things on this trip. Definitely things on my bucket list, if I were to have a bucket list!

Oh and we ate Shake Shack and cheesecake from Juniors way more times than I care to admit, so fill them into our itinerary wherever you see fit and you’re probably correct!


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